Isn’t life wonderful?  We are all different – not one of us is the same as another – and this difference is to be celebrated!. It would be boring if we all were the same.  The same applies to the Dream Kitchen.  Every person has their own dreams and that dream kitchen is different for every individual that books a design meeting with us.

Very often we get an email with a house plan and a request to “Do up a plan” for a kitchen. Unfortunately we never do this for any emailer!  Why? – very simply – every kitchen we design is completely different and budget, appliances, features, styles and desires are different for every kitchen and every home owner.  We have 4 designers in the business and if you gave blank walls to each of them you would end up with different designs.  So, the owner of the home must give us a brief. We bring every person that attends a design meeting with us through our showroom. We look at doors, kitchen styles, gadgets, appliances, worktops and taps. We ask over 50 questions and during that process we are seeing what the home owner wants and dreams about.

Then we set about creating that dream on a 3D computer kitchen design package.

Let us tell you a bit about dream kitchens.

Kitchen Styles:  In broad terms there are five different styles of kitchen:

  1. Traditional – which, according to a Houzz survey, accounts for 53% of kitchens in 2016 (these would be contemporary and traditional/classical in design)
  2. Modern – according to Houzz accounts for 15% of kitchens in 2016
  3. Eclectic
  4. Industrial
  5. Vintage

How long will you have your new kitchen?  We can tell you that people in Ireland change their kitchen, on average, every 13 years.  You had better be sure that your new one is good enough to last that long and that your design has been future proofed by your designer.  It’s not much use having one narrow cutlery drawer if you plan to have three children and you cook like a domestic goddess.  This means that CHEAP IS NOT BEST.

Modern j grip kitchens Carlow

Kitchen Features: we can tell you that the most popular features that people want are:

  • An Island
  • Pantry Presses


Colours: greys, whites and neutrals are the most popular choices for new kitchens.  We are seeing a lot more “pops of colour” – such as banks of tall units or islands in contrasting colours – and these are often quite dark.  Blue, Aubergine and Plum tones are popular.  We also see a bit of a move back to oak!!!


  • When it comes to appliances – stainless steel finish is most popular.
  • Dishwashers feature in most kitchen designs.
  • Induction hobs are the most popular hob.

Worktops: Quartz is the worktop of choice – and in a bright colour.  There is a move away from quartz with “pebbling” towards quartz with veins and marbling effects.

cambria brittanica


Amazingly 27% of people surveyed by Houzz changed their kitchen because they couldn’t  stand it any longer!

Personalisation & Options:

What we can also tell you from our own experience is that people want more and more in the most important room of their home. It is important to put your own stamp on your kitchen – be it an unusual handle, your favourite appliance, an integrated bin, organised cutlery drawers or a particular colour. Personalisation and more options are important for us to offer to our clients.

Fitting your Dream Kitchen:

One of the MOST important elements of your new dream kitchen is how it’s fitted.  This is the often forgotten element and the bargain kitchen suppliers always play down the importance of your kitchen installation.  But – will you be happy looking at gaps or poor joints or poorly adjusted hinges or drawers?  Our fitters are not subcontractors – they are employees of this business.  They are fully qualified fitters and we know that when they fit a Newhaven Kitchen it will be completed to perfection.

We can deliver your dream…

Whatever your dream kitchen is we know we can do it for you!  We work with the best manufacturers in the kitchen sector and we are dedicated to giving you the latest technology and products. We love what we do. We drink, eat, breath and sleep kitchens.  We have tremendous abilities and skills to give you your dream kitchen.

We do not specialise in one style of kitchen – we offer our clients everything from the classical, traditional kitchens to inframe glamour. We do contemporary kitchens and modern, minimalist designs.

We design, make and fit dream kitchens in Carlow, Laois, Kildare, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow and Dublin

Book your design appointment with us now by calling 059 9176873

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