So it’s come to this time of year again – Christmas – where the house is full of visitors.  There are sleep overs, parties, lashings of food and the kitchen is bursting at the seams! Here’s a helpful guide for you to maximise your existing kitchen.  Many of these suggestions are easily achieved with items from your local hardware, with a bit of work and with the help of a handy friend!

christmas kitchen

Have a pre-Christmas clear out!

The first step is to pick a day and empty all your presses out!  This gives you a wonderful opportunity to throw out the detritus of kitchen life!  We’ve all got them – the mug that was a gift but is stained, the plastic baby containers you no longer need, the glasses with the marks on them.  Throw them all out and bring out the good glasses out of storage!  Treat your self to new stuff – the hubby will never notice!  You’ll discover packets of food that you got to try and didn’t like, out of date spices and herbs and all sorts of rubbish!  Once you’ve thrown away all the junk then you’ll have more space.

Think about where items are in your kitchen and re-organise your cupboards.

Have you always had the plates in a wall press that is a mile away from everything?  Consider what you use most and put these items in your work zone.

Can you add shelves?

Can you add shelves to a wall?  You can make your items look glamorous in the right containers.

wall shelving

Add Extra Shelving

Look at your cupboards.  Would you fit in more food stuff if you had additional shelving?  Measure up and get some additional shelves.  You may be able to bribe a relative to install these for you!!!

Internal Drawers

Would your life be made much easier if you had drawers or pullout baskets to bring out items from hard to reach base presses?  Pullout Baskets or drawers are so convenient.

pullout wire basket

Install wirework in your corner presses

Have you got a blanked corner or a double door corner press which you can’t reach into the back of?  Install a corner carousel or lemans carousel to bring your difficult to reach items to you.


Use your tall cupboards more effectively.

Make better use of the hard to reach cupboards.  Put items that you can grab from the front up high – e.g. wine bottles, baking trays, chopping blocks.

Tidy your drawers

Install tidies in your drawers – for cutlery or utensils – and throw out the cutlery or utensils that you don’t use or need!

cutlery drawer

Store your spices wisely

Put spice rack holders inside your doors – these free up a huge amount of space because we all use so many herbs and spices nowadays.

Add a free-standing unit

If you’re just all out of space why not consider a dresser or free standing pantry unit in your kitchen.

If you’ve decided this is your last Christmas with your kitchen and you’re looking for a new kitchen in 2020 – then please call us to book your design meeting.

Call 059 9176873.

Happy Christmas from the team at Newhaven Kitchens.  Enjoy your holiday time.

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