Isn’t life busy, busy? Our modern lifestyle is hectic – and we need a kitchen that copes with our needs. One that can hide a multitude, is easy to maintain and always seems clean, sleek and in great condition without trying too hard. Not too much to ask! Not for these  modern kitchens anyway!

The modern kitchen is often compact so all available space must be used cleverly with even the most innocuous of areas capable of becoming fantastic storage places. Designed with large doors and drawers – fretwork, wood turns & small drawers are gone! Dressers & glass presses are a no-no! Simplicity and modernity is enhanced through gadgets and colour accents.

At Newhaven Kitchens & Bedrooms we are delighted to deliver to you the latest trends in modern kitchen design and we can work with you to design your perfect modern kitchen whatever your brief. At Newhaven Kitchens we GUARANTEE that you will not get a Modern Kitchen of the same quality at a better price anywhere in Leinster.

Newhaven Kitchens

Newhaven Kitchens & Bedrooms have designed and built bespoke kitchens of every style, size and shape. Come and see how we can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.