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Every dream kitchen is different…

Not everyone dreams of the same kitchen, some like a classical look while others prefer a more modern feel. No matter what style you are dreaming of Newhaven can craft it. Choose your style and explore our amazing kitchens.

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Newhaven Kitchens Classic Kitchens Carlow
  • Classic Kitchens

  • A timeless elegance…

Packed with features and the centrepiece of any home, the Classic Kitchen is a stylish portrayal of the traditional elegance of its owner. You will fall in love with its robust design and timeless elegance.

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  • Contemporary Kitchens

  • Precision crafted…

Contemporary design is not about disregarding the old, but rather re-imagining its traditional materials and objects and then reforging them for an updated contemporary lifestyle.

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Newhaven Kitchens Carlow | Contemporary kitchen
Newhaven Kitchens Inframe Kitchens Carlow
  • Inframe Kitchens

  • A superior finish…

With an incomparable level of construction and finish, the inframe kitchen is both an unparalleled design statement and the mark of a craftsmans true skill.

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  • Modern Kitchens

  • Infinite possibilities…

Simplicity, functionality and longevity, are the core features of a modern kitchen. Modern Kitchens stay modern, through these features and are enhanced with gadgets and amazing colour accents.

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