Much like fashion trends, kitchen colours and finishes change regularly – and there has been a huge amount of change in the past decade. 

2013-2014 was the time of country cream kitchens.  After that Grey arrived and it was warm greys like Farrow & Ball Elephants Breath that was super popular.  This love of grey evolved to a love of cool greys and then whites – be they warm, cool, or stark pure white.  A couple of years ago navy and blues started to creep into kitchens – particularly as accents on islands or tall units.  Then came the full navy kitchen. 

Navy Kitchen by Newhaven Kitchens

However, the past year of lockdowns, spending more time safe at home and then our embracing the great outdoors has shifted expectations of our homes.  Leaving aside the desire for office space, better kitchens, better bedrooms store, more of us want open living spaces, more light, larger windows, patio spaces and gardens that can be used for more of the year. 

We have seen more and more clients choose green in their kitchens throughout 2021.  Some clients have used green on their islands, dressers, tall units.  Other clients have sought their entire kitchen in green.  There is no consensus on the shade of green – we have appointed kitchens in very light greens, such as Cromarty by Farrow & Ball, and we’ve worked with darker shades such as Studio Green.  We’ve appointed kitchens in every green colour you could imagine!

But – what is next!??

We believe that green will be here for another while.  It works very well with whites, ivories, creams pinks and greys – so it’s very versatile. 

We believe we are about to witness the rise of earthy colours soon. 

Earthy colours are colours found in nature – so green is part of the spectrum, as are blues and greys, yellows, and reds.  People have been more involved in nature and their outdoor surroundings for the past year and are liking what they see outdoors and wanting to apply it inside their homes. 

But when you think of earth – as in ground – think of sandy beaches, rich dark earth, decomposing leaves on a forest floor, ochre, terracotta.  Probably a lot of us are longing for the colours of the countries that we’ve visited on past holidays also.

Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Terracotta
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Italy

The door manufacturers are also aware that our choices are changing, and we are now being shown new products in dark timber effects and colours of greens and reds. 

Dark wood & navy kitchen
dark wood
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Green modern kitchen

Some of the latest colours launched by paint companies are also embracing this trend.  Here are some of our favourite earthy colours.

Dulux Dreamy Truffle gif maker
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Farrow & Ball Red Earth
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Farrow & Ball Faded Terracotta
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Farrow & Ball Fruit Fool
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Farrow & Ball Smoked Trout
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Little Greene Tuscan Red
Newhaven Kitchens Blog Post Little Greene Ashes of Roses

We look forward to seeing how colour trends develop in the next few months, and remember – whatever colour you want your kitchen in – Newhaven Kitchens can provide your dream kitchen in your favourite colour.

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