In the past year more and more of our clients have chosen Green in their kitchen.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been spending more time looking out our windows from lock-down.

Maybe it’s because many of us have gotten more involved with outdoor pursuits.  Whatever the reason, the green kitchen has become a more popular choice throughout 2020 and we see this continuing for the next few years as a trend.Not everyone is brave enough to paint their whole kitchen in green.  Many clients still choose either a grey, white or ivory toned kitchen.  They then pick green as an accent colour on islands, dressers or tall units.Green is a colour associated with health and vigour and it is an uplifting colour choice for your home.  It brings the feeling of life to your kitchen.If you’ve been considering a green kitchen let’s give you a few colours to be considering.  We have chosen from the Farrow & Ball swatch – however we also have a full range of cost-effective custom colours that we work with in our own Newhaven Palette.Light Green Paint Colours: many of these are muted greens and they create a country house feel and tranquil vibe.

Vert de terre
Cooking apple green
Green ground
Old white

Dark Green Paint Colours: There is something stately and serious about a kitchen painted in a Dark Green Colour. It is imposing, intimate and dominates like a mature oak tree. Here are our colour choices:

Card room green
Duck green

See then in the real world…

Modern Green Newhavenkitchen

If you’re feeling brave darker colours really do stand out.

Studio green bootroom

Our customers have chosen carefully from our own palette and of these colours we are finding Card Room Green, Duck Green & Studio Green are the most popular choices.

We look forward to seeing how colour trends develop in the next few months, and remember – whatever colour you want your kitchen in – Newhaven Kitchens can provide your dream kitchen in your favourite colour.If you’d like to book an appointment with one of our team or to visit our showroom then please click here

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