One of the common questions that we all get asked in our showroom is “How much does that kitchen cost?”  Everyone has a budget – be that €2000 or €50,000. Most people that start out shopping for a kitchen have no idea how much it costs – they’ve seen a friends kitchen, a kitchen in a magazine, one on television and they are hoping that their budget will stretch to it.

The problem with answering the sticky question of “how much does that kitchen cost?” is if I tell a visitor that a particular kitchen in our showroom costs €30,000 then I may have just alienated them – their budget may have been half of that.  BUT – can you get a similar kitchen to the one for €30,000?  Absolutely.  Can you get a similar kitchen to the one in the showroom for €15,000 – yes you can.

Can you get a Newhaven Kitchen for €10,000 – absolutely.

But – can you get a Newhaven Kitchen with a premium Sink, Tap, Handles, Worktop and packed with solid wood features and gadgets for €10,000? The answer to that is no!

We design with your budget in mind – and we have a HUGE range of products that allow us to design and match materials to your budget.  You’ll get a Newhaven Kitchen from €10,000 – but it will be made from high quality components at that price point.

So – I thought I’d look at the products that we offer our clients and choose the most cost effective and the most expensive and price up a design for a kitchen.

DISCLAIMER!  You can get your kitchen cheaper and dearer using different products or suppliers – but I’m looking at products that we offer in our range to our clients.

We know you can get a handle for 50c.  We know you can get a hinge for cents from far flung places.  We know you can get budget laminate for €100.  We know you can get doors or make doors ourselves for cheaper than we source them.  We choose not to – so before we go any further – we have a standard to achieve from a pricing and quality point of view.  We regularly reject products brought to us from keen sales reps because we’re not happy with them.

We work within the mid to higher end of the kitchen market.

We don’t use cheap components because we know what that brings to clients.

How much does that kitchen really cost?

kitchen cost

Well – I sat down and did the maths on a kitchen plan that we worked up.  It’s an L Shaped kitchen – quite spacious – and suitable for the average Irish family.

The results are fascinating.


We priced a hob, extractor, dishwasher, double oven & integrated fridge freezer for this design.

The budget conscious well-known brand came in at €1750.

The premium branded appliances came to a total of €9225.

The budget branded products are basic products including a ceramic hob.

The premium appliances include an induction hob and much more features and benefits.


Did you think that all handles are around the same price?  You’d be wrong!  There’s huge choice in the market and a massive difference in quality also.  We’ve rejected many of the ones we’ve been shown by providers!

The variation in handles used – our cost effective handle for our design comes in at €144 and our premium handle at €615


We priced a high specification leading edged laminate and it would be provided with no upstands.

We priced a well known branded quartz, from their highest price grouping.  We included upstands, a full wall clad on the hob wall and a recessed drainer.

Our laminate came to €599 and our quartz came in at €8690.


We priced a branded bowl and a half inset stainless steel sink for the laminate worktop option and a high specification undermounted well known branded steel sink for the more expensive pricepoint.

The basic inset sink came in at €130.  The premium undermounted sink came in at €1099


We priced a branded chrome double lever tap for our cost effective kitchen and we pushed the boat out for a home water filtration system on our premium kitchen.

The cost effective option came in at €80 and the filtration system at €3229


And now to our kitchen.  We wanted to compare doors that are similar visually.  So – we chose a shaker style door front.  It is worth noting that we have got more cost effective frontal options – but we wanted to work with a budget and a premium option that looked similar.

Our carcassing, hinges and drawers will remain the same.

There have been subtle changes to the design from the cost-effective option to the premium option plan.

The premium kitchen includes an integrated bin, pullouts, extra drawers, glazing, lighting, corner solutions, a pantry completed with solid oak door racks and engraved drawerfronts.  The shaker front, cornice, pelmet, visible panelling are all painted ash.  The premium kitchen has been extended to a taller grid.

The basic kitchen is a shaker vinyl wrapped kitchen, with matching vinyl cornice, pelmet and gabling.

The basic kitchen total – for the kitchen, worktop, appliances – all fitted by our team €11,600

The premium kitchen total – for the kitchen, worktop, appliances – all fitted by our team €36,150

The morals of the story

  • We often have clients who tell us that they’ve priced the same kitchen elsewhere cheaper.  Are they sure about that?  There are so many options that it is impossible to know that you’ve priced like with like. Something that looks similar can often be missing the important premium features or time-saving gadgets.  And of course, quality won’t be the same.
  • There are places to get your kitchen that can supply only or supply and fit it very cheaply.  Your quality and longevity suffers.  Cheap = Poor Quality.  (poor quality that you’ll have to live with for a while because you’ve spent your budget)
  • There is a massive amount of choice when you go to a kitchen specialist.
  • You need to see what your kitchen provider is talking about and specifying with you – it’s not good enough to just describe a kitchen – you need to see a plan and example of components and what your kitchen will be like.  Proper businesses invest in what they do – they buy software, they have samples, they can show what they do – if you are buying your kitchen from someone who wont make those investments then the end result can’t be great – can it?
  • You drive the budget with your kitchen – we ask you this from the get-go – and we choose and show you the products that are within your price point.
  • You can get a kitchen for your budget or three times your budget depending on your choices and how you work with your kitchen provider. Your honestly is important.  And if your budget gets smaller then come back to us – we’ve already spent time with you – we’d like to have a shot at the project!!!
  • Budget and being honest with yourself and your kitchen supplier is crucial to the end result of your kitchen.
  • When you pay for premium products they are not the same as the basic ones – they have different quality, features and benefits to the basic product.
  • We offer kitchens that generally cost from €10,000 upwards.
  • However – if you have a budget there are lots of options available in the marketplace.
  • We don’t do plans or designs or pricing without meeting you to establish a brief – we could be designing and pricing forever and still not get to shake hands with you on a deal.

Back to the original question:

“How much is that kitchen?”

The answer is “that depends on what you choose to put in it and what your budget is”

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