Newhaven Kitchens have a HUGE range of laminate worktops available for our kitchen customers.  Choice is important and we’ll surely have one that you’ll like!  The kitchen industry has developed laminate products extensively so our advice is to keep an open mind – because the laminates of today in no way resemble the terrible ones from years ago!  Newhaven Kitchens work with a number of providers and we only supply leading edged worktops for our kitchens.

What is leading edged worktop?

Leading edged means that the worktop has square edged corners.  This gives a sharper feel to the worktop and is particularly desirable on modern or contemporary kitchens.  Some of our premium laminates are finished all round and can be used to bring the worktop to the floor.

leading edged laminate

Concrete Effect

Concrete effect laminate works so well with a modern kitchen design.  There is a discreet pattern and we have two favourites – which both happen to be grey!

Woodgrain Effect

When we ask clients “have you considered a woodgrain laminate?” we are often met with resistance.  That is until we show the products.  We have a huge range of woodgrain laminates and the tones, textures and finishes of them vary hugely.  We find that often people change their minds and love the warm feel and tones of wood.  Wood effect laminate works across all styles of kitchens and some of them are so realistic that we find clients choosing them over the high-maintenance of solid wood worktops.

Carrara Effect

The kitchen industry has been awash with light coloured worktops for the past number of years.  Carrara has been one of the most popular quartz choices and now the laminate manufacturers have very attractive options available.  We have Carrara effect laminates in matt finish, glossy finish and with darker veinations. All work well with all styles of kitchens.

Other Stones

But lets assume you’re looking for something a little bit different.  How about some of these?  Limestone effect looks and feels so natural – as does the black marble effect.  Black granite is notoriously difficult to maintain and keep clean – but a laminate won’t have the same issues. The grey marble effect worktop is just beautiful in reality and we’re loving the rich earthy tones in the chestnut granite effect worktop.

Newhaven Kitchens offer a wide range of laminate worktops from 6 high quality providers in the marketplace.  We have an extensive offering for your Newhaven Kitchen or Utility – so you can be assured of choice and high quality with us.

Please note that we do not stock laminate worktops or sell them separately.

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