I’m on a new journey – and it all involves costings – costings of a new build and costings for your kitchen.

A long time ago we bought a home in Carlow – never thinking it was our forever home.  We’ve enjoyed our home and loved each other and got through the challenges that life threw at us in it – and there were a few – but that’s not for this blog!

Now, finally after over a decade of dealing with people for years who are building their homes, I am doing the same myself.  I’m amazed at the amount of red tape, paperwork, delays and legwork that we have to get through!

Anyway, this past week or two I’ve sat down a few times and I’ve been looking at room layouts, storage, where power points will go – and of course the kitchen design.  And – probably like most people in that position – I am trying to get a handle on costs.  I’ve asked a few authorities who deal with clients on building their homes what they believe should be spent on a new kitchen in your home.  I’m more than a little shocked at the response.

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How much is a kitchen going to cost really?

I’ve been told that from 4 – 7% of your build cost should be for your kitchen.

Lets assume that your home build project costs come in at €250,000 total budget – then the kitchen should cost from €10,000 to €17,500.

My home is quite compact relative to many home plans I’ve seen.  My kitchen dimensions are 4.5m x 6m.  I’ve combined a kitchen and dining room with sliding doors into my sitting room.  Most home designs that we see feature kitchens that are larger than that – they are social spaces and the heart of the home.

How much is the heart of your home?

The heart of your home is now so important that it is a showpiece – a desirable item.  The kitchen requires space, storage, a considered design, a high quality and attractive finish and often is packed with high value gadgets and the largest island possible for sitting at.

The imagery on the web and kitchen magazines all show kitchens that are “The kitchen of your dreams” – and they tick all the possible aesthetic boxes.

But – back to costs – lets assume that I have a budget of €10,000 figured for my dream kitchen – because I’m trying to be tight on the budget – is that realistic?

Do I or you, dear reader, believe that ANY of the kitchens in the magazines are bought for €10K????  

I don’t think so!!!!!  So – it looks like I’d have to broaden my search for a kitchen like that for 10K to China…..

Lets do some maths..

Lets consider that most of the kitchens we see are topped with a quartz worktop.  And quartz could cost from €2500 to the sky is the limit.

Now lets take our €10K and take the quartz from it – that leaves my kitchen man €7500 to produce my dream kitchen.

Lets take out the appliances.  Looking online for the CHEAPEST appliances (I’m not even going there about quality!) and factoring in these appliances: Integrated 70/30 Fridge Freezer, Double Oven, Integrated Dishwasher, Cheapest Extractor (€70 – and that will definately NOT extract and will be noisy as heck) and a 600mm ceramic hob (and I’d have had to be comatosed to buy that) – we’re talking appliance costs of €1420.

That leaves my kitchen specialist €6080 for my dream kitchen – excluding appliances and worktops.

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What happens everyday in kitchen showrooms?

So lets say my budget is €250K for my house and I’ve factored in €10K for my dream kitchen.

What happens in Newhaven Kitchens if I want my kitchen from there?

  1. I make an appointment and go through what I want with the designer – with a list of desirable features and armed with my pinterest and magazine inspo.  The designer takes the information on board – after up to an hour of discussion.  He or She takes the information and spends another hour or two designing a dream kitchen – or maybe a second option too.
  2. I return and view my dream kitchen design in 3D render on software and get a price.
  3. At this stage I go home and show my husband the quote – and he tells me that the price is WAY more than we’ve been told our kitchen should cost.
  4. I don’t answer the phone and never see Newhaven Kitchens again.
  5. We buy a kitchen somewhere else for less and it doesn’t even resemble what I wanted and discussed with Newhaven on day one.

I tell my friends “Don’t go ANYWHERE but Newhaven Kitchens – look how sorry I am that I didnt go there now” – and the circle continues – because of unrealistic expectations or costings.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you..

We’ve had people sending their daughters to us after they got their kitchen elsewhere.  We’ve had best friends, friends and family members come to us.  One recent visitor told us how she got her deposit back from a hardware store doing kitchens because they couldn’t make their kitchen actually fit in her room when they surveyed the room.  Why?

Because these are NOT kitchens that are bespoke and made for your exact room.

Another visitor told us that her friend had come to us for a kitchen appointment and decided we were too dear.  She got a kitchen from a local kitchen company with an Italian inspired name.  Our visitor told us that her friend is so sorry for her choice that she wished she could drop a match in her new kitchen.

But – lets be real – there will always be stories.

Back now to reality…

Right now then Newhaven Kitchens have €6080 to get me my dream kitchen.

What investment in time and materials do Newhaven Kitchens have to put in to get my business?

  1. I make a design appointment and give them my brief.
  2. I go visit a second time to view and design – and lets assume that I have done my homework and I want to get my kitchen with them – then I pay a deposit, fill in a contract where I work WITH THEIR EXPERT ADVISORS to finalise all my choices in the kitchen.  There are many choices to be made in order to ensure I get exactly what I want.
  3. Newhaven issue plans to me so my builder can do power and plumbing.
  4. My builder might need help – so Newhaven visits the builder on site and marks walls on site.
  5. Newhaven visit the site again to do a final survey.
  6. Newhaven staff order the purchased parts of my kitchen – the hinges, drawer components, inserts, lighting, appliances, quartz, bin, wirework, gadgets, sink, tap, handles, doors, cornice, pelmet and carcass materials etc etc.
  7. Newhaven staff make and finish the gabling, door racks, engraved pantry drawerfronts and any other items.
  8. Newhaven workshop staff make up my kitchen.
  9. Newhaven fitters spend between 3-5 days in my home fitting my kitchen

That’s all assuming that I’m decisive and that there are no problems on site.

But – lets assume that I’m not decisive.  Lets assume that I need support.  Lets assume that I need 2-3 visits to go through the kitchen in minute detail and finally decide.

Or – lets assume that I decide and then go off and change my mind.  Lets assume that I send 20-30 emails in the 3 months between paying my deposit and getting my kitchen fitted.  How many designer and admin hours have Newhaven given me now??

Or what if there are issues on site and Newhaven visit there a few times?

How many site visit hours and travel expenses have come about?

Staff costs:

Did you know that our team is small?  We have 2.5 office staff (this is the half person writing!), 2 workshop staff and 2 fitters.  Did you know that EVERY one of these staff are highly skilled and qualified with Degrees, Diplomas and Certs?

If we want to do a good job then we can’t pay peanuts and have inexperienced and underdeveloped staff.

That’s a fact!

Are your figures realistic?

So now – are your figures realistic?  Is that €6080 really realistic for your dream kitchen????

Whilst your fees on site go sky high are we, the provider of your MOST IMPORTANT ROOM, to work for peanuts?

Can you get a kitchen for €6080?

We absolutely know you can!  We come across them all the time.

Do you think you’d have a good quality job?

Do you want to spend that and more again in 5-6 years time (If you’re lucky and it lasts that long).

Lets talk about the kitchen companies advertising in the magazines.  One here in Leinster guides his kitchens at €20K plus worktops and appliances.  Another in Leinster had a modern kitchen published not so long ago at €40K.  Another kitchen specialist up past Dublin guides 30K plus worktops and appliances.

Lets look at your life expenses…

The average price of an engagement ring in Ireland is €4,500.

A 55″ TV is €1200

A standard dining table and 6 chairs €2500

A Dacia Sandero €10,990, a VW Polo €16995, a Toyota Yaris €17,995, a VW Golf €22,495 – all basic models quoted online.

Your kitchen – which you expect to last longer than all of the above – the MOST IMPORTANT room of your home – the hub – the heart – €10K??  I think you’d be getting the Dacia Sandero of Kitchens then – and I’m sure they’re a lovely car.

We’re guiding that your kitchen should cost from 10%+ of your home build or the value of your home after renovation.

And if you choose more and more gadgets, premium products, extras, add-ons and the higher end options – then it’s going to be way more than that.

Warts and All

I hope you’ve found this blog to be informative.  The point I’m trying to get to is that it’s important to be realistic with your costings and to realise that a good quality kitchen is not going to come cheaply.  We’re not interested in fluffing the facts.  We’d love to hear what your thoughts are.

If you want to talk to us and book your design meeting then call us on 059 9176873.

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