Taps with Newhaven Kitchens

Taps… a drink to your health

We all have taken water for granted for so long. This past few weeks Carlow town has been teeming with high vis vests & orange barriers as we gear up for another financial battering & pay for our water.

We’ll be thinking of dishwashers & washing machines shortly on this blog but for now let’s talk taps.

Most people pick their tap based on aesthetics only… Do you want a single lever, a dual lever, chrome, stainless, with a spray or without. One aspect often forgotten is water pressure… some taps require more pressure than the average Irish bungalow can muster.

But, leave aside the aesthetics for a minute. In June 2014 the EPA published facts that stated that 30% of PRIVATE WELLS HAVE E COLI. Isn’t that a scary thought??? This causes illness… particularly to young children, the elderly & people with compromised immune systems.

So instead of aesthetics if you’ve got your own well maybe a filter tap might be a good investment for your health.

Another trend being discussed in the kitchen magazines is the boiling water tap. It’s a “must have” according to some writers. I’m not entirely sure that I could justify the cost… but it’s quite a gadget & you’d never again have to boil the kettle. I think I’d miss the process… the anticipation as the steam gathers momentum… the leaves fermenting & turning water into the fixer of every upset…”sure we’ll boil the kettle for a cup of tea”

Have a great week… and if you’re after a tap give us a bell or drop us a line to info@Newhavenkitchens.ie & we can email you our choices & picks.