What is a traditional kitchen?  Have you every visited a house and felt like you’ve popped back to see your mam?  This is the warm feeling that we had when we visited our clients in their Kildare home.  We were spoiled by the lady of the house – who delivered beautiful fresh cream and jam butterfly buns to us along with freshly brewed tea.  That feeling of home comes hand in hand with a traditional kitchen.

This traditional kitchen has a bit of a twist though – because it comes with an oven that is easy to access and a hob – which is framed beautifully by our Newhaven Gowran canopy.  Oftentimes the traditional kitchen comes with a range – but the bad part of a range is that you must bend down to access the oven.  There is nothing as awkward as having to bend down to get out a full and heavy roasting pan from an oven located near the floor.  We discuss this regularly with clients – and at least one of our designers is dead against ranges!

We discuss extraction as part of your kitchen – and those discussions led us to design the Newhaven Gowran Canopy.  The advantages of the Gowran canopy are:

  • It houses an extractor easily
  • It is custom designed – so it can be as wide or narrow as required for your space
  • It does not go down to the worktop – so it maximises your worktop space.
  • It can have V Grooved panelling effect, door effect, can be raised, made taller, made deeper – so it’s a very customisable option.
  • It is an attractive and cost effective bespoke canopy

Our clients chose a quartz worktop for their kitchen.  Quartz is a robust option for your kitchen worktop and is available in an almost endless range of colours.  The worktop was brought up the wall to the under side of the canopy in a backsplash and this is such a hygienic option.

The large island is located underneath a skylight and provides storage and room for seating.  This is an ideal place to grab a bite on the go!

Our clients chose a tandem wirework pantry – which is just one of many pantry wirework options that you can get with your new Newhaven Kitchen.

If you’ve been considering a new traditional kitchen please give us a call and we’ll be delighted to discuss the many options available to you.  Newhaven Kitchens: 059 9176873

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