When you’re getting a new kitchen your kitchen worktop is a critically important decision for you to make.  There are so many options.  A kitchen worktop that will enhance a traditional kitchen will not necessarily work with a modern kitchen.  Not only that but there is a massive difference in costs between different choices.  You’ll be needing to take some advice.  Who better to help you than your local kitchen specialist?!

Why is your kitchen worktop important?  

  • Light will hit your worktop – and either bounce from it or get absorbed into it.  So it’s the most important surface in your kitchen.
  • You will work on it every day.
  • You will see it every day.
  • You will feel it every day.

Newhaven Kitchens provide a large range of kitchen worktop options for our kitchen customers.  Here are some of the more popular options for our clients (and there are more – but we’re going with the favourites!)


A firm favourite just a few years ago – but declining steadily in popularity over the past decade.  Granite is mined directly out of the ground – so every slab of granite has its own characteristics.  Some slabs have veins, some have dark patches or light patches.  A slab of granite that you get today will never be matched again – they are all unique and ones taken from the same source in a years time will be radically different.  Granite is a porous product – so it will absorb spillages.  There is a full range of granite – and they vary significantly in price.  Price depends on where the granite is coming from, rarity and quality.

Granite Pros and Cons:


  • Granite generally works very well with a traditional kitchen design
  • Granite works with Belfast Sinks


  • Granite is porous
  • Granite finishes vary
  • Granite can be cracked if not looked after
  • Granite is cold to the touch


If you’re looking for “stone” worktops – then quartz is where it’s at for the past number of years.  Quartz is a man made “stone” – and is made from ground quartz stone, resins and colours.  The first quartz kitchen worktops on the scene were very simple in design and colour and generally had a “sandy/stony” look to them.  However, like all things kitchen, kitchen worktops are evolving all the time – and the quartz worktops of the past couple of years are getting more and more complex.  They have sparkle, they have veins, they have concrete effect.  The colour options for quartz are expanding every day.

Not all Quartz is the Same:

There are MANY different suppliers of quartz into the marketplace. Some of the quartz suppliers have spent significantly to market and develop a recognised brand name.  Newhaven Kitchens offer some of the most recognised quartz brands: Silestone, Cosentino, Compac, Quarella and Cambria.  Every brand of quartz comes with different warranties.  The important thing to note is that no warranty will cover you for accidental damage you may do to your quartz kitchen worktop.

Newhaven Kitchens also offer lesser-known quartz brands at a more competitive price point.

Every Quartz Manufacturer/Supplier has a full range of product:

You’ve decided that you’re not spending more than €3500 on your new quartz kitchen worktop – and then you dig around in the internet and find the quartz worktop that you DEFINATELY want – only to discover from your kitchen specialist that it’s going to cost you €7000.  Our advice – don’t go trawling the internet and getting yourself set to one choice quartz worktop!!!  You will make your kitchen colour choices with your kitchen specialist and we will advise you and show you relevant and appropriate quartz options – bearing in mind colours and your budget.  Every quartz company has different price bands – so there are competitively priced quartz worktops and ones that are much more expensive.  Be guided by your kitchen specialist!

Quartz Pros and Cons:


  • Quartz is non-porous
  • Quartz is stain resistant
  • Quartz is heat resistant
  • Quartz comes with warranties (dependant on brand)
  • Quartz has a uniformity of finish
  • There is a large range of quartz worktop options


  • Quartz worktops can be expensive – particularly if you fall in love with a premium option.
  • Quartz is cold to the touch

Here is a video of just a selection of quartz worktops available at Newhaven Kitchens: Some of the Quartz Worktops at Newhaven Kitchens

Solid Wood Worktops:

We often get asked for solid wood worktops.  Our first comment is “Do you realise the maintenance involved in a solid wood worktop?”.  We’ll bet that you’ve come across a wood chopping board at some stage that is hacked to pieces, with marks, worn looking, distressed and with knife marks in it.  This is how your solid wood worktop can look – and maybe you like that distressed look – we’re just here to point it out to you at the outset.  There is maintenance involved in a solid wood worktop or feature piece.  You must sand your worktops and re-oil them regularly.  There is a rule of thumb which we give to you if you choose this option.

Solid Wood Worktops Pros and Cons:


  • Solid wood worktops work with a Belfast sink
  • Solid wood worktops are visually appealing to some clients
  • Solid wood worktops are warm to the touch


  • Solid wood worktops need regular maintenance

Laminate Worktops:

A SUPER option if you want to get a high quality kitchen but have a budget to work within.  Laminate worktops are generally made of chipboard with a laminated finish to them.  Newhaven Kitchens work with four different laminate worktop providers in order to give our kitchen customers an amazing range to choose from.

Not all laminate worktops are the same:

There are oodles of options. Realistically you can get a length of laminate worktop for €100.  Do you think that would be high quality and durable though????  Neither do we – that’s why you won’t get that from us!!!

We work mainly with three different heights of laminate kitchen worktop:

  • compact laminate at 12mm
  • 25mm leading edge worktop
  • 40mm leading edged worktop
    • (leading edged means that the laminate worktop is square edged and not rounded)

These three options will not come to you at €100 a length!!!  They are high quality, well performing, visually appealing and warrantied products.

Your colour choices and styles are almost endless!!!  We have:

  • Woodgrain effect laminate worktops
  • Stone effect laminate worktops – mimicking quartz stone
  • Marble effect laminate worktops
  • Concrete effect laminate worktops

Laminate Kitchen Worktop Pros and Cons:


  • Laminate worktops are well priced – so using them stretches a tight budget
  • Laminate worktops are warm to the touch.
  • Laminate worktops have a wide range of options


  • If you choose a laminate worktop then you must use an inset sink – and the attractive ones can be a bit expensive.
  • Laminate worktops can be damaged with heat and knives.

Click here to check out just SOME of the laminate worktop options available at Newhaven Kitchens: Some Laminate Worktops at Newhaven Kitchens

Newhaven Kitchens offer these and more kitchen worktop options for our new kitchen customers.  Our design team are happy to advise our clients in order to get the best and most appropriate worktop for their kitchen.

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