We often hear how the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s a phrase that is rapidly becoming overused.  We were absolutely delighted to photograph this Newhaven Kitchen – which truly is the heart of this beautiful family home.  Our clients came to us and really wanted a hub of activity within their home.  The kitchen was to have plenty of storage and cooking facilities.  The island was to be large and friendly – accommodating the family.  The kitchen also included an extremely large table and chairs.  Cooking, homework, baking with the children all had to be considered.

The final kitchen design includes a working overmantle framing the hob and providing storage.  There is an eye level oven unit.  Glasses and wares are on display in glazed dresser units, which perfectly frame the discreet entrance into a walk in pantry.  The walk-in-pantry is shelved out from floor to ceiling and provides the kind of storage that every family deserves.  The design includes a robust and large island with storage to every side – ensuring maximum space for pots, pans, plates and cook books.

The kitchen is painted in Newhaven Georgian Ivory and the island is in Newhaven Shell.  The worktop is Granite.

The walls of the kitchen are painted in green – which provides a restful background to the kitchen.  The overall effect is calm and verdant.

This is the kind of kitchen where children buzz around mum.  There is rushing to matches and dressing up as fairies.  Cakes, bakes & cookies are never far away.  This is a kitchen that exudes calm and warmth and the inexplicable feeling of being home.

Thank you to our clients for allowing us to share the pictures of their beautiful kitchen.

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