So – what do our kitchen designers believe are the MUST have items or aspects of a new kitchen?  We got chatting here and the question posed to the team was:

“If you were starting out and planning to get a new kitchen – what MUST you have in it?”

Here are the answers!  Want a closer look?  Just click on any of the images for a close us.

Walk In Pantry:

This was the number one thing that we’d all have if we could go back!!!  So – if you’re starting a renovation or a new build – then this is THE best possible storage solution in your home.  Many people think they have enough storage in their home – and they do starting off!  It’s only when little people join the team that you realise how much more storage you need and just how much food you can get through.  Below are images of a walk in pantry installed by Newhaven Kitchens.

Pantry Press:

If space or design doesn’t allow a walk in pantry then we all agree that a pantry press is extremely practical.  You can design your own pantry press with us here at Newhaven.  Many of our clients include a power point, put in small appliances, have a winebox, have spice storage – the options are only determined by budget really.  Below are some of the pantries that Newhaven Kitchens have installed.

Island with Seating:

Some of us have islands and some of us don’t – but we all agree that islands are a great thing.  We recommend that you incorporate seating into your island – be that at the same level, stepped higher or lower at table height.  We’ll do another blog shortly about islands – sizes, space, extraction from a hob on an island, power, safety and lots more.  Below are some of our customers islands.

Induction Hobs:

There is NO better hob than an induction hob.  Why choose one?

  • It’s very energy efficient
  • Safety – the hob surface doesn’t heat to burning point – so you can be sure that you or any family member won’t get burnt with one.
  • You can’t burn anything to the top of it – because it works through magnets and the top of the hob doesn’t get to the temperature to burn spills.
  • It’s SO easy to clean because nothing gets burnt on – so just a wipe and a shine and you’ve got a sparkling hob.

You might have to buy new pots – but hint strongly at family members!  Beg, borrow or steal – but get an induction hob!  If you want to see one working ask us.  We’ve got working appliances in our Carlow Kitchen Showroom.

Drawers & Drawer Tidies:

Drawers are more expensive than doors within a kitchen design – however they are easier to access and just so handy.  The saying goes – you open a kitchen cupboard and say “where is it?” or you open a drawer and say “there it is”.  So – where possible get a few sets of drawers for your necessities.

We also love the many drawer inserts that are on the markets – from cutlery inserts, to utensil inserts to spice holders – and these all cost extra but are worth the spend if you have lots and lots of kitchen accessories.  Check out some of our favourite drawer tidies – and there are MANY options available!

Good Extraction:

Often clients try to save money with a cheap extractor.  This is false economy.  Why?

  • Many rooms are kitchen/living or kitchen/dining or open plan and the last thing you need is the smells of cooking always within your space.
  • If you have a poor extractor – or don’t use one – then your steam builds up on your kitchen.  This can have adverse effects long term on your kitchen panels near the hob – so you might end up damaging your kitchen.

Our advice – ask your appliance expert or kitchen specialist – and they can inform you of the minimum extraction rates required for your room.


One of the major mistakes that people make is in not considering their lighting.

Three things need to be thought of AT LEAST:
* The temperature of your lighting – do you prefer warm or cool toned lighting?
* Where do you want lighting in your kitchen? See the images below demonstrating how important lighting is in your kitchen.
* If you intend on putting a light over your island then you are better to ensure that the fixture is all glass – metal lamp shades cast shadows on your kitchen or your island lights become task lighting as opposed to providing light throughout the room.

Any other advice or must haves?

Get your colours working together:

Besides these desirable features we also advise that you should carefully consider your colour scheme throughout your kitchen – including the floor, walls, soft furnishings, chairs, table and any other furniture within the room scheme. If you need colour advice we are happy to help our customers or suggest some interior designers to help you with your project.

Mix it up:

You should try to add accent colours and textures and add layers in order to get an interesting visual treat in your finished kitchen.

Stay posted:

We’ve got a lot more blogs on the way in the next few months on topics such as:

  • Islands
  • Trends
  • New Stuff & Gadgets
  • Aspiration appliances
  • All about worktops
  • Why utilities are becoming big (and expensive)


If you:

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  • know about our quality and specifications
  • would like to invest in a Newhaven Kitchen

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