The Gola Handleless Modern Kitchen is the ultimate in modern kitchen design.If you are looking for a sophisticated and very sharp kitchen then look no further.
It is a very simple, clean and crisp kitchen – but requires fitting and design skills that are second to none.The clean lines are dazzling.It is evocative of Italian modern kitchen design at its very best.

We were delighted to work with our clients on this magnificent kitchen in Waterford. The doors on this Newhaven kitchen are Acrylic High Gloss – in two complementary neutral colours.
The high shine reflectivity of the surfaces bounce light around the room.
Our client came to us looking for a kitchen with no clutter.We produced a design with lots of storage – between pantry presses in the tall bank of units and functional storage on every side of the large island.We omitted wall units – which pared back the design and maximised light from the window.The hob and ovens are located in the island – with a ceiling extractor.The ceiling extractor is very discreet and functional and most importantly, there is no visible extractor in the traditional form to bump your head off when leaning over your pan!
f you’re looking for the latest in modern kitchen design then start your conversation with us now.
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