What do clients look for in their new home?  Statistics show that the number 1 desire is for natural light in your new build.


How does this impact?

There is no doubt that it is desirable & good for your health to have access to daylight & sunshine.  It’s good for your wellbeing and when teamed with a well designed & well used garden you’ve got the recipe for a space that will be good for the spirit.


How do architects tackle this desire for natural light?

* extensive windows

* extensive glass walls

* large glazed doors

* skylights


This is all well and good but how does it impact the most important room in your home?

It is an absolute fact that people spend most of the daylight hours in their kitchen.  There are more & more homes that have kitchen/dining or kitchen/living or open plan spaces – further extending the hours spent in the kitchen “hub”.

The kitchen is the most important room & one you need to think about most with your architect & kitchen specialist.

Your fitted kitchen requirements need to be considered before you fill your room with so many windows & doors that you have no room for kitchen units.


Consider what you desire – do you want dressers, a range with an over mantle, tall fridge/freezers, eye level appliances, pantry storage presses? All of these types of kitchen units require wall space free from windows & doors.

It is also worth noting that to make your kitchen work aesthetically you can’t just randomly plant these units on minimal wall space e.g if you want an American fridge it looks weird on it’s own – but attractive as part of a bank of units.


What do we recommend?

* consider your kitchen requirements before you have no wall space to put things on.  It is no good having a lovely bright room but all your storage at base level.  Do you want to be trying to access your floor level oven when you’re older or have  mobility issues?

* try to keep one wall of your room with no windows/doors/rads – this gives much more design scope.

* can you consider glass in all the doors in/out of the room rather than yet another window?

* position your room correctly in your home to maximise natural light – don’t put it north facing.

* consider one window or two on a wall – which yields a better design and which gives more possibility.

* corner windows are often a nice design feature & maximise wall space if it’s tight!

* skylights/veluxes are a great option

* windows can often be changed – so get your kitchen design finished & sorted as soon as you can – before all the build is done and you discover that you can’t fit all you wanted.


Finally – light is very much down to individual kitchen users.

I have one very large window & a glass door in my average kitchen.  Even on the brightest sunny day I love my undercounter lights on.

I like bright light & can’t help myself flicking on the switch!

If you’re like me you’ll have the lights on no matter what – so (here’s a controversial statement) get what you want in your kitchen & don’t fret about not having enough natural light!  How many really bright sunny days do we have in this country anyway?


Bear in mind there are so many options for lighting your kitchen:

Ceiling spotlights

Over unit lighting

Under wall unit lighting

In unit lighting

Plinth lighting

Pendant/over island lighting

Wall lighting

Table lamps

Floor lamps


Newhaven Kitchens are your local kitchen specialists.  We are happy to discuss lighting as part of your kitchen design.

We offer clients a discerning range of complementary light fittings that work with your kitchen design.  We believe in saving you time & legwork!

Call us now to discuss your kitchen & book your design appointment: 059 9176873

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