Are you looking for a kitchen to love spending time in?  The bespoke nature of an Inframe Kitchen – along with it’s beauty, strength and classical qualities – make it a must for the kitchen lover!

If you have a reasonable budget to spend – and want all your friends to envy your kitchen choice – then Inframe is the the kitchen for you.

Like all things – there are many products and options on the market.  We have considered the Inframe kitchen for a while now and we’ve decided to install a beautiful Aisling Furniture display in the front of our Carlow Kitchen Showroom.

We consider every product that goes into our showroom carefully.

* Are we happy with the quality of the product?

* Are we comfortable with the product and is it a thing of beauty?

* Does it offer enough design flexibility?

* Is it value for money?

We make significant investment – in labour, time and financially – on every showroom display – so we have to be satisfied that we have the CORRECT product to show to you.  It’s important to state that does not always mean the CHEAPEST product to show you!  We want you to be completely thrilled with your kitchen and we want it to last and withstand the test of time.

Lets talk about the options on the market-place currently:

1) Vinyl Wrapped Inframe Kitchens –  offered by some DIY & Homestores

Inframe kitchens are traditionally hand-crafted.  A Vinyl Wrapped door would generally have a life span of 5 years +.  They peel in the naturally steamy and humid conditions that are found in most kitchens.  They have a very small range and the scope for design features is minimal.  They are cheaper – but when the doors start to fail you have to throw them out and replace them.  These are not kitchens for a lifetime and are not a smart long-term choice, in our opinion.

2) Painted Inframe Kitchens – offered by some larger scale kitchen retailers.

A much better option for those who are working on a budget.  The range is not as extensive and again, scope for personalisation is more limited.  Let’s give you an extreme example of what we mean by limited range.  We recently came across a kitchen with a 70/30 Integrated Fridge Freezer.  The retailer only had doors to suit 50/50 Fridge Freezers – so if you wanted to open the fridge you had to open both doors of the fridge unit.  Having flexibility is very important – otherwise your kitchen can end up with gaps or fillers.

3) “Homemade” Painted Inframe Kitchens – by independent kitchen fitters

Much more personalisation but quality is absolutely dependant upon the manufacturer.  We have seen some beautiful work by some makers – prices in these cases would be in excess of €20K excluding worktops and appliances.

In worst case scenarios we’ve seen some doors that are not sanded properly (with a rough finish), not jointed effectively, using softer or lesser grade timbers and ones that are not even finish-coated properly.  Of course they will be “cheaper” than others available.

It’s always worth asking about warranties on such kitchens and seeing the last kitchen the fitter installed.  Having touched and felt then you can see what we do and make your own mind up.

Here’s the question – Is it better to save at the start and then regret that saving for years to come???

4) Branded Inframe Kitchens:

Neptune Kitchens are one of the significant inframe brands.  They have agents and distributors in Ireland and are a premium brand.  They are not Irish made.  The quality of their product is excellent.  The fitting skills to install the product is down to the individual distributor.

We should point out that we do not use subcontractors to fit our kitchens – all fitting is carried out by our qualified employees.  You can be assured of our commitment to your project from start to finish.

Aisling Furniture – we’ve decided to work with this up-and-coming Inframe Kitchen Brand.

Do you want to see more?  Here’s their website –

Have a look at the You Tube Video:


Why we believe Aisling Furniture to be the best choice of Inframe Kitchen:

1) They are made in Ireland by a well known manufacturer.  We support Irish Jobs.

2) Door Styles – Aisling Furniture offers a range of 21 styles of door – so there is something for every taste – be that contemporary or the truly classical.  You have 9 choices of Frame – giving you the option to embellish your frame on the outside and inside profile if you desire.

3) Colours – Aisling can finish the kitchen in one of their timeless colours, can work with Newhaven colours or other reputable paint palettes – such as Farrow & Ball.

4) Flexibility – Aisling Furniture make their own doors in their factory – and their skilled craftsmen can make pretty much anything required.  All that’s needed is time and vision.

5) Timber – Doors are made from the best timbers – Oak, Walnut and Character Oak – or for painted doors – Maple, Beech or Ash.

6) Warranties – Aisling Doors have to be provided to you in the correct specification and are subject to warranty.

7) We offer our standard Inframe Kitchens with 18mm Carcass, Grass* Drawers and Blum Hinges – products that we have tested for decades and are happy with their robust longevity.  To see our current kitchen specification please click on our About Us section –

8) We are happy to now be able to extend our product offering to include optional dovetailed drawers.  We can provide them in two high quality timbers – Oak & Walnut.  These drawers will run on Blum Movento  runners – which support 40kg in weight.  We guarantee a robust, authentic inframe kitchen drawer.


Oak Dovetail Pan Drawer


9) Hinges & Catches – these are an important functional element of any furniture design.  Hinges and catches can also be aesthetically pleasing.

* Your inframe kitchen can have Butt Hinges in Brass, Chrome or Satin finishes.

* Or you can choose Amerock Hinges in Matt Brass, Chrome or Antique Pewter.

* You can request magnetic catches in Brass or Chrome.

10) The Aisling Inframe Door finishes flush with the bottom of your kitchen presses – so you won’t have difficulty cleaning out spills.


We will be installing our beautiful Aisling Furniture Inframe Kitchen within weeks.

If you are looking for a high quality kitchen for your home – and your kitchen is in Kilkenny, Carlow, Kildare, Laois, Wexford, Wicklow or Dublin – then please join our mailing list and we’ll invite you to our launch.

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