Are you at the start of a new-build or renovation?  Are you wondering when should you finalise your kitchen design?

It really depends on your approach to your project!  If your kitchen is not hugely important to you then you won’t need to get to your kitchen provider until your build has started.

HOWEVER! – we are finding that our customers are looking for more from their kitchen than the previous generations.

A recent survey by Houzz found that 60% of people surveyed spend MORE THAN THREE HOURS A DAY IN THEIR KITCHENS.  The kitchen has become a hub – often combined with a dining room, a living room – and is being used for work, homework, cooking, entertaining & day to day eating.

The same survey reveals that people want their kitchen to be filled with practical storage, to be filled with light and stylish and beautiful.

The Houzz survey also revealed that the number 1 desire of people looking at a kitchen now is a Pantry Cupboard.

If you are one of these many customers you will not be just accepting the “average or normal” kitchen.

If you have a wish list and it’s pretty set in stone then you need to talk to your kitchen specialist before planning or building at least!

Here’s why…..

Homeowners want their new kitchen to be filled with natural light – so the architect is designing with maximum window space to give this light.  This will reduce the wall space available for your kitchen.

Where this becomes a major problem is if you have a plan to get the likes of a Pantry Press, Eye Level Ovens, Tall Fridge/Freezers, American Fridge Freezer, A range with an Overmantle or Dresser Units.  All these units require wall space – and in order for a kitchen design to work effectively and look stylish – the units must be framed within other units.

E.g. – we would try to build in an American Fridge Freezer into a design rather than just plonk it on the only tiny bit of wall space available.

american fridge
Beautifully framed American Fridge Freezer

Bear in mind also that because the kitchen is the hub of the home it will often have multiple doors into it – perhaps patio doors, perhaps a utility door, perhaps a door from an entrance hall, perhaps a door to a living room.  So – in this very important room there is a strong possibility that the storage options are being reduced all the time by windows and doors.

Another thing to think about is if you need an island.   The island is the 2nd most desired feature in new build kitchens.  Most people who want islands want them to have a seating area.

We are finding more and more that people want islands with seating but their kitchens are not wide enough.

SO – if you are looking for a very specific kitchen then you must get in touch with your kitchen specialist ASAP!

Here’s how we work:

We meet all clients for a Preliminary Design Brief – which takes up to an hour and you will discuss exactly what you expect from your kitchen, when you need it and what your budget is.

  • We draft a preliminary design – working from your brief and your draft house plans.
  • If you are early in your project and we discover that there is not enough room for your needs or your plan would benefit by moving a window or a door then we will advise you or your architect.
  • The next step is that you would return to us when your building is under-way.

The best time to come back to us is when your windows are going in.

The next step is usually for electrical/wiring/plumbing – and your kitchen plan will have to be finalised and the builder will have to be provided with your kitchen plan.

Each kitchen we design takes a minimum of 2 hours work – so we don’t give them away! 

We only issue plans when you confirm your kitchen order with us.

A few points to note:

  • If you buy a cheap kitchen then you will buy twice.
    • We all know people who have sagging or broken drawers, or sagging hinges or peeling doors.
    • Depending on the user you can expect a cheap kitchen to last from 3-7 years – and after that time you can expect to buy a whole new one again!
  • We don’t do cheap – we can’t afford to.
  • If your house is built then you may have to compromise on what your kitchen will be.

Call us now to book your preliminary design meeting: 059 9176873


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