You’ve decided change is needed – or you’re building an extension – or you’re building your dream home.

One of the first things that you’ll think about is the interior and you’ll try to visualise how it will all look when the work is done.

Lets face it – the dream will drag you through the dust, dirt and the arguments that go hand in hand with work in a home!

The most important room will be the kitchen.

At the start of the project you will have a budget and you will be guided by your architect or Q.S. and they will give a ball park figure for your kitchen.

Often times people go through their build and by the time they get to the kitchen – which is the main room in the house – the budget has been eroded and then you’re trying to get your dream kitchen on a restrictive budget.

So – what do you do?

First of all – right at the start – you must state how important your kitchen is to you.  Think about your life now – do you spend a lot of time in your current kitchen? Do you have or are you planning on having children? Do you entertain a lot? Do you use cooking/baking to de-stress?   Do you spend more time in your kitchen than in your car? If you do – then why would you accept a restrictive budget on this important room? Protect your kitchen if it’s important to you – and make savings elsewhere!

Secondly – again – right at the start – go to visit your local kitchen specialist.  We have many options on display in our Carlow kitchen showroom.  We can have a preliminary look at your plan and advise you – we might discover that moving a door or a window might be better for storage, we might find that you have too little wall space for your desired overmantle, we might find that an island won’t fit unless you extend the room.  We’re happy to advise.

Thirdly – if your budget is eroded please do go back to your kitchen specialist.  You may have visited us when you had €20,000 to spend and now you only have €10,000.  We will present you with the best quality options for your budget.  We are here to help.  It’s important that you get the highest quality product for your money.  Coming to a kitchen specialist ensures that will happen.  We offer hundreds of different doors – from a range of quality tried & tested suppliers – in oodles of colours.  Our door manufacturers stand over their products.  We have specified our product – so we can be sure that quality levels are where we want them to be.


Newhaven Kitchens & Bedrooms Kitchen Specification: – REGARDLESS OF YOUR BUDGET!

* 18mm Carcassing – Oak with 1mm PVC Edging and Ivory/Light Grey with Dust Seal Edging – a robust kitchen unit is guaranteed.

* Grass* Nova Pro Airmatic Drawers – with a 40kg load bearing runner – with LGA quality approval – Ensuring that your drawers can hold the weights of pots/pans/plates

* Blum* Soft Closing Hinges – the market leader of hinge technology – with ISO quality approval- ensuring that your doors stay in place.


Kilkenny Kitchen? Kildare Kitchen? Carlow Kitchen? Wicklow Kitchen? Laois Kitchen? Wexford Kitchen? Dublin Kitchen?

We cover all of Leinster….


We can give you full technical information on any element of your kitchen – we’ve nothing to hide – we’re proud of what we do.

Our Fitters are employed by us – we do not have subcontractors fitting our kitchens.


Contact us on: 059 9176873 or email us at [email protected]


Here’s what you don’t want for your home… 

* Cheap carcass that is not square, rigid or well manufactured

* Hinges that are weak – your doors will droop

poor quality kitchen
Weak Hinges with doors drooping








* Cheap doors that don’t stand the test of time…or homemade doors that are not made by quality approved manufacturers

Peeling Doors
Peeling Laminated Doors
Cracking Door
Cracking Door








* Poor fitting

Poorly Fitted Doors
Poorly Fitted Doors – Alignment Poor
Drawer Not Closing
Drawer Not Closing Properly
crooked extractor
Crooked Extractor









Poor Quality Failed Drawers

Failing Drawer
Failing Drawer

Newhaven Kitchens

Newhaven Kitchens & Bedrooms have designed and built bespoke kitchens of every style, size and shape. Come and see how we can help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

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