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Try before you buy…

The only way to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams exactly the way you want, is to try it before you buy it. Newhaven’s Virtual Reality lets you experience your kitchen in a fully immersive way. Letting you live in your dream kitchen  even before a single piece of wood is cut.

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 Virtual Reality with Newhaven

removes the risk…

The most important room of your house is your kitchen. The kitchen is also more than likely the most expensive part of your home. So, you don’t want to get it wrong.

  • Our design process and technology allows you to experience your kitchen before you make any onerous commitments.
  • You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive or a home without at least one visit to see it.
  • The same principles should apply to an investment as important as your kitchen.
  • Being able to experience your kitchen design with us will eliminate all questions you may have. 
  • Being in your kitchen design takes away any risk of getting it wrong.  You can see for yourself just how wonderful your kitchen design is with us.
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 Virtual Reality with Newhaven

peace of mind…

Even though our design process and time spent per kitchen design has increased, there are benefits to us when using Virtual Reality technology.

  • If we are working on a tricky space it helps to cross-check our design and view it immersively. 
  • At least one of our team designs very visually, so it’s wonderful to be able to walk around and experience a clients kitchen virtually.
  • We can make sure that every element of a kitchen is practical and works as it should do in the flow of the overall design.
  • And of course, we can demonstrate your kitchen design to you more effectively and answer all your questions definitively.
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Virtual Reality with Newhaven

How we use it…

Newhaven Kitchens start off by meeting up with clients to discuss their brief. It’s then over to our designers to create a special kitchen that covers all the requirements.

  • We use Virtual Worlds software, which means that we design in 4 dimensional software that has been specifically developed for the kitchen and bathroom industry. 
  • We can put in room features, such as vaulted ceilings, external views, other furniture and then clients can get a completely accurate feel for the room that their kitchen will be part of. 
  • And of course, our clients can explore their dream kitchen design.
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Virtual Reality with Newhaven

Experence the future…

Shopping for a kitchen is a formidable task. You want to make sure you get the design right and that the layout and storage works for your home. You want your finishes and colours to be beautiful and desirable.

A kitchen is a purchase that you don’t want to do again in a couple of years, so you need high quality components, manufacture and fit. It can be so hard to visualise what you are committing to, some kitchen providers don’t do a plan at all, some hand sketch and some use 3 dimensional software to show you a view of your kitchen.

We have used 3d software in the past and we knew that we could do better. We know that there is a risk involved in buying your new kitchen without as much information as possible. Therefore, we are the ONLY kitchen company in Ireland to make a large-scale investment in research, software and training, in order to provide our clients with Virtual Reality. 

We design our kitchens in 4-dimensional software and then we reveal your dream design through a special headset and sensor that allows a completely immersive experience. This means that you can walk around your kitchen, open doors, explore and truly be in your kitchen design.