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Delivering dreams every day

Taking a dream kitchen and making it into a reality takes something more than just wood, screws and paint. It takes knowledge,  skill and a lot of expertise. Here at Newhaven every member of our team brings at least one of these elements to every kitchen we do. From concept design, to colour choice, to manufacturing and fitting.

Newhaven Kitchens Carlow Meet The Team Hands
Newhaven Kitchens Carlow Team Member Martin


Martin Rice

[email protected]
059 9176873

Martin has worked in the kitchens industry for 30 years (even though he hates to admit his age!).  He has a wealth of practical manufacturing, fitting and kitchen design experience.

He is passionate about kitchens.  He gives superb advice and really grasps how a kitchen should work and flow.  Martin has a can-do attitude, a caring ear and brings a fun side to the gravity of getting your kitchen right. 

John won the Carlow Chamber Awards in 2019 for Employee of The Year.  John is a qualified trades person and has worked with Martin for over 20 years.  He is honest, frank and completely focused on making every kitchen and wardrobe 100% to standard.

He doesn’t accept anything less than 100% commitment from the workshop team and is a perfectionist.  John loves trying new things and is instrumental in driving the business forward to innovate and improve.

Workshop Manager

John Graham

[email protected]
059 9176873

Newhaven Kitchens Carlow John Graham
Newhaven Kitchens Carlow Michael O Brien(1)

Senior Fitter

Michael O Brien

[email protected]
059 9176873

Mick is a qualified fitter of considerable experience.  He is out the door early in the morning and will work steadily and carefully until your Newhaven kitchen is completed. He has an eye for detail and a wealth of experience of working on-site.  Mick is hardworking, straight to the point and physically tough.

Our Mick and his team will be sure to leave your home with a kitchen fitted to the best possible finish, tidy and ready for you to put your finishing touches to.

kitchens Valerie is the “anorak” of the business!  Valerie is a working mother who has worked in the kitchen industry for almost 15 years.  She is a foodie and loves a well-considered and practical kitchen design.  She loves testing new kitchen products and is up to date with kitchen trends.

She has a keen eye for kitchen colours, kitchen finishes and kitchen accessories.  Valerie updates our showroom, colour palettes and handle offering.  She organises your kitchen survey, manufacture and installation.

She guides the development of Newhaven Kitchens and has many great ideas for the coming years!

Operations Manager

Valerie Conroy

[email protected]
059 9176873

Newhaven Kitchens Carlow Valerie Conroy
Deirdre Cahill

Kitchen Design Specialist & Architectural Designer

Deirdre Cahill

[email protected]
059 9176873

Deirdre is an Architectural Designer and one of our Kitchen Design Specialists.

With 10 years of design experience, Deirdre has a wealth of knowledge in creating your dream home and kitchen. She is extremely passionate about design and takes pride in making dreams a reality by transforming your vision to reality.

Deirdre will make sure your kitchen works for you, with fine-tuned detail given to the practicality of how the kitchen should work best for your needs.

Mícheál is one of our kitchen designers, with an eye for detail and a flair for virtual reality. Mícheál has worked with our clients to not only design their dream, but to also build them an entire virtual experience of what it would be like to live in their kitchen even before a single piece of wood is touched.

With many years of kitchen design experience behind him Mícheál has the skills to bring every clients dream kitchen to the next level.

Kitchen Specialist

Mícheál Nolan

[email protected]
059 9176873

Newhaven Kitchens Carlow Mícheál Nolan
Newhaven Kitchens Carlow Seamus Rice

Master Sprayer

Seamus Rice

[email protected]
059 9176873

To make a kitchen stand out from the rest takes more than style or fancy features, – it takes craftsmanship. When it comes to perfection –  it’s all in the finish!

Séamus is our man with the golden gun, or blue gun or any colour our clients wish. Being a qualified sprayer and working within the trade for too many years to share!  Séamus’s steady hand and attention to details will deliver nothing less than a perfect finish. Newhaven Kitchens are renowned for our bespoke finishes and range of options.  Séamus is an integral part of the team that delivers bespoke without fuss.