Handle of the decade?

The Chrome Beehive Knob…it’s featured prominently in the kitchen mags.

chrome beehive knob
Chrome Beehive Knob








But..we don’t all have to follow suit.


* Always get a spare handle from your kitchen installer.

* Feel your chosen handle. Is it comfortable in your hand? Sounds mad..but trust us, it matters!

* Steer clear of oval or oblong knobs. They invariably twist & their crookedness will drive you mad!!

Porcelain Handles
Porcelain Handles & Oblong T Knob








* If the budget is tight ask your kitchen installer for advice. There can be hundreds of euros of difference between handles.

* NEVER go for cheap handles imported from far away..the threading wrings or they rust.  Stick with branded handles.

* Think long term. Knobs are easily changed when you tire of them. Handles? – ask your kitchen man if there are other handles on the market with the same drilling centres.

* Think of your needs. If you have young children running about is a knob a bit risky for getting caught up on? If you have arthritis do you want small finicky handles?

* Save money & go handleless!!! One less decision!!

* Think of maintenance..that chrome handle might look stunning in the showroom but will it when covered in smudgey fingertips?

* Porcelain handles (cream/grey)are best with cream/grey coloured kitchens. (see above)

What do we love?

* Stainless steel…hard to beat..we have some beautiful slimline & modern ones on display.

Stainless Steel Modern Handle
Modern Slimline Handle








* Brushed aluminium handle profiles..uber modern, sleek, discreet.

Brushed Aluminium Handle Profile
Brushed Aluminium Handle Profile








* Brushed Nickel pull handles..different & robust.

Brushed Modern Pull Handle
Brushed Modern Pull Handle








* Pewter knobs for the more traditional kitchen.

Pewter Knob

Pewter Simple KnobPewter Star Knob


* Steel ball knobs.

Steel Ball Knob

Stainless Steel Ball Knob




* Bridge handles…simple but they feel good.

Bridge Handle
Bridge Handle








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