Classical Painted Kitchen

There is nothing more timeless than a classical painted kitchen.  We loved working with our clients on this timeless Newhaven Kitchen.  This home just screams of times gone by and there is just nothing richer and warmer in tone than a country cream kitchen.  Sometimes clients can’t envisage a cream kitchen and consider it to […]

Costings for your kitchen

Amanda Christie Lampshade Gola-kitchen

I’m on a new journey – and it all involves costings – costings of a new build and costings for your kitchen. A long time ago we bought a home in Carlow – never thinking it was our forever home.  We’ve enjoyed our home and loved each other and got through the challenges that life […]

Handleless Modern Kitchen Dublin

modern kitchen

Newhaven Kitchens just love this handleless modern kitchen which we appointed in Dublin.  We visited on a rainy day – so just imagine the brightness and feeling of well-being in this kitchen on a sunny day.  It’s a kitchen to feel happy in no matter what the weather. Our clients had purchased a well located […]

Your kitchen worktop – the low down

botticino quartz

When you’re getting a new kitchen your kitchen worktop is a critically important decision for you to make.  There are so many options.  A kitchen worktop that will enhance a traditional kitchen will not necessarily work with a modern kitchen.  Not only that but there is a massive difference in costs between different choices.  You’ll […]

Traditional Kitchen with Gowran Canopy

What is a traditional kitchen?  Have you every visited a house and felt like you’ve popped back to see your mam?  This is the warm feeling that we had when we visited our clients in their Kildare home.  We were spoiled by the lady of the house – who delivered beautiful fresh cream and jam […]

Handleless Kitchen by Newhaven Kitchens

handleless kitchen

Are you thinking of a modern kitchen?  Looking to get a handleless kitchen? Worried that it will be bland and boring?  We’ve seen plans for pretty limited and un-imaginative modern kitchens – they’ve all been “cheap” -but at what price?  Do you want a boring design with no features, no imagination?  Of course you don’t […]

Contemporary Painted Kitchen with Island

contemporary kitchen

When it comes to beauty and longevity there is nothing more on-trend than a contemporary painted kitchen.  It is the most desirable choice of Irish home owners – be they building a new home or renovating. Make your kitchen unique & yours. We love the fact that customers are now choosing braver colours and expressing […]

What is a dream kitchen?

dream kitchen

Isn’t life wonderful?  We are all different – not one of us is the same as another – and this difference is to be celebrated!. It would be boring if we all were the same.  The same applies to the Dream Kitchen.  Every person has their own dreams and that dream kitchen is different for […]